• Alright guys and gals, we’re closing the presale for the Wayward Sons & Daughters hoodies and t-shirts in about 10 hours [12 AM WA time], so if you want to be in the gang snag one now! We just got back from RCCC and we were super happy to be able to sell a small exclusive bundle of Wayward Sons & Daughters tees at the convention, and thank you to everyone who stopped by to see us and say hi!

  • For everyone in the Family Business! Whether you drive a Chevy Impala or a Volkswagon, you can be a Wayward Son. Let’s just try to not start so many Apocalypses, okay?

    This is a Pre-Sale, available in our Etsy Shop from today until the 22nd.

    Women’s and Men’s Hoodies [Small-4X] available in Black and Grey for $35

    Women’s and Classic T-Shirts [Small-6X] available in Black and White for $18

  • unicornempireprints:

    Unicorn Empire has grown so much in the last year that we’re practically bursting at the seams. We have so many new ideas and new things we want to make, but in order to do that we need to clear up some space in our workshop. That means several of our designs are going into retirement. 

    This is your last chance to get these three Supernatural t-shirts. 

    Dean’s Diner t-shirt, Sam’s Moose Lager t-shirt, and Castiel’s Honeybee Honey t-shirt are all being retired. We won’t be doing another print run of these designs for the foreseeable future, what we’ve got in stock right now is what we’re selling and that’s it, so this is your last chance to snag them. (It’s also your chance to help us clear up some space to make room for hoodies!)

    These designs will still be available on our Supernatural Pillow Covers

  • And here are the Supernatural prints! Available right over here.

  • lshank017:

    Thanks unicornempire now all the boys are present and accounted for!

    Awww! Warms my heart to see EVERYONE ALIVE AND TOGETHER! -cough- Thank you!

  • I really love the idea that somehow Crowley will use all of this in order to get the Boy King to heel and making Sam pursue the path to becoming the new Lucifer, with Demon Dean and Castiel at his side. All the doodles!

  • Finished trio of Biker Babes!

  • unicornempire:

    The Gang takin’ a cruise in the Millenium Falcon! Thought I’d put them all together. I have plans for another movie set too, but I’m not going to say what.

    May the 4th be with you! These are now available as cute little 4x6 prints in my Etsy Shop right over here. We’re working on putting more prints of all the designs and stuff together, as a lot of people have said they don’t wear t-shirts but would like to be able to get the designs, so I’ll be building a flatfile in the garage soon! Thanks guys, happy Star Wars day!

  • Misha Collins // TSA America: Level Orange [x]


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