Top - Sam and Gabe - I have this general idea of a fun episode where Gabriel comes back, and Sam’s alone in the bunker when he finds Gabriel there, who’s been hiding out since it’s warded to Hell and back and very safe. And Sam is like ‘Oh great, I’m hallucinating again’, because of all the mental stress of like, everything, and he’s done it so many times before. So he totally thinks Gabriel is a figment of his imagination, never brings him up to anyone else because he doesn’t want Dean thinking he’s lost it again, and so they just kind of chillax and play board games when Sam’s not working a case too hard. Gabe usually wins, but it’s because he’s a cheat.

Middle - OC’s of no importance.

Bottom - Dean and Cas, with adorable freckles.


New store, new shirts, new sizes!

We recently announced the launch of, but that’s not all we have to announce. Ever since we started making our Supernatural pillows people have been asking us to put them on t-shirts as well. We’re happy to announce that the Supernatural pillow designs are finally available on T-shirts exclusively on

We’re also really excited to announce that all our t-shirts are now available in larger sizes. Fitted T-shirts are now available up to XL and Classic T-shirts are available up to 6X. As always, we don’t charge extra for larger sizes. 

The biggest news is that Amber is currently working on two new designs that should be done in time for the holidays!