As soon as we discovered these magnetic interchangeable bracelets and necklaces, I knew we had to do something Doctor Who inspired with them. Of course the artwork Amber did for them turned out even better than I imagined. 

The charms are held in place with magnets and can be popped out so you can swap to whatever design you’re in the mood for. 

The charms can be used in both the Doctor Who Necklace and the Doctor Who Bracelet

Both are available on Etsy.  

(via unicornempireprints)

What’s the plural of dubstep…dubsteps or dubstairs? If you fall down dubstairs would that be a bass drop?

Myself, circa 2012, the dawn of my comic genius.  (via misskittypimms)

This literally made me laugh so hard and then snort afterwards that I alarmed my room mates and choked a little bit. Bless you.