do you think you would ever do a misfits design? there is a SEVERE lack of that. I KNOW. i think everything went downhill when nathan left. :’(

It’s definitely possible, I really really did like the show, and sometimes I go back and do stuff for things that I used to watch. I’m not sure if it would translate very well into a design though. There are 2 big components (for me) when I come up with a design, and that’s-

1. A recognizable quote that’s not really obscure or cluttered, it has to be quick and easy to read and something that, if you weren’t thinking about the show and you read it entirely without context, if you’ve seen the show you’d remember it.

2. Iconography from the show that is both unique to the show and important enough to the characters/world of the show that again, people would recognize. Supernatural is great for this, there are so many amazing one liners and items from the show [Angel sigils, knives, guns, beloved cars etc. ] that clue people in to what the design IS, while not having to write ‘Supernatural’ on it or pictures of the characters faces.

Without rewatching the series I can’t think of any stand-out one liners off the top of my head or any icons other than the orange jumpsuits that they wear, so I’m not sure if there’s quite enough meat there to translate it into a type/illustration piece… It’s def. not impossible, but nothing really springs to mind either. Sorry to talk your ear off!

It's on DVD not stream. Have you ever watched misfits? And it's not ongoing.

Asked by agentkikirogers

I freakin’ LOVED Misfits until the original cast started going away. I thought I’d be okay without Nathan, but then (Rudy I think?) just was like, guh, I can’t do this. I was so excited for that show = / And it WAS amazeballs for the first season. We do have Netflix DVD right now so I’ll have Pepper add the first disk of Dresden Files to the list, we’ve been looking for new stuff to watch = )



For everyone in the Family Business! Whether you drive a Chevy Impala or a Volkswagon, you can be a Wayward Son. Let’s just try to not start so many Apocalypses, okay?

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I want so much for unicornempire to get hooked on the Dresden Files, because GUH ART.

I recently started watching Leverage because someone I follow posts gifsets all the time, so it’s always possible! Is Desden Files on Netflix or anywhere online? (Is it still going?)

For everyone in the Family Business! Whether you drive a Chevy Impala or a Volkswagon, you can be a Wayward Son. Let’s just try to not start so many Apocalypses, okay?

This is a Pre-Sale, available in our Etsy Shop from today until the 22nd.

Women’s and Men’s Hoodies [Small-4X] available in Black and Grey for $35

Women’s and Classic T-Shirts [Small-6X] available in Black and White for $18

Record Sales for ECCC 2015 


Sales of Emerald City Comicon admission have sold faster than ever before, with two-thirds of our 3-Day Passes sold in two weeks!

Additionally, our new Celebrity Fast Pass and Deluxe Pass options are sold out. Both the Celebrity Fast Pass and Deluxe Passes are limited in quantity so no more will become available, unless individuals decide to refund them.

ECCC Passes can be purchased here.

Guys if you’re in the Seattle / Oregon / Whatever other states are near us area, you should totally come to ECCC! We’re going to be there (With our first BOOTH!) and the show is just hands down one of the best comic conventions. They’ve always got great guests and panels lined up and it’s a really fun and inclusive atmosphere. If you want passes you better hop on them now, it sells out super fast!


So I planned to spend my evening making buttons and jewelry, but instead I’m having the worst nosebleed of my life. Amber went to get me some afrin, but if that doesn’t work I think I’m going to have to go to the ER. At least I have health insurance now. yay obamacare. 

That blooderfly you saw today was a premonition.

We’re working on being really ahead of schedule for the Convention and holiday season, so we all got really sick way ahead of time. None of us are functioning on all cylinders this week.



So last night Mana was talking to me about a movie and was explaining something that didnt make sense for the time period the film was set in so I was like

"What time period is it?"

"Oh you know like….. witch times."

"………"witch times"???"

"yEAH I DONT KNOW - WITCH TIMES - I mean there are horses and the streets have mud????"


Hear me out tho…….witch times

Sounds like a legit measure of time, IDK what your problem is Rifa. Witch times.image



Sinceriously? emeraldcitycomicon?!?

That is so lame. You allow the same comic artists and writers each year, right? The same vendors?

This is a huge, MASSIVE fail on your part. Your reasoning is somewhat sound but completely wrong.

Might be returning my pair of 3-day passes if I don’t see a name I care about before december’s refund deadline….

Okay, let’s reply to that.

  1. Some of the same comic guests return, but we try to bring as many new ones as possible. Celebrity guests are treated differently because we have room for so few of them when compared to comic guests. (308:23 was our ratio last year)
  2. Vendors pay to exhibit at Emerald City Comicon, whether a booth or a table in Artists Alley. If they want to return, they are welcome to.
  3. That’s your opinion, and here’s our response to people who tell us we don’t run the show correctly.
  4. Go ahead, return your passes. There are other people out there worrying that they won’t be able to get a pass this year before they sell out. You’d be helping them.
  5. Really? Insults and threats? That is so lame.

This is so insanely rude, whoseeswhatsyetunseen. I can’t believe the number of rude comments I’ve seen posed towards the ECCC blog. The people who run that blog are kind and sweet and extremely patient, considering that they get a dozen people a day to get the same guests that they have already outlined numerous times that they won’t be able to, to the point of putting them on their FAQ page. I’m just bewildered by how mean people can be on the internet about this stuff, and then have the nerve to tag the person/people they’re being mean to in it as well. Did no one ever teach you better? Was there really not a more constructive way to word your opinion?

Having the same celebrity guests every year would get old fast; ECCC clearly has a budget set aside to have celebs come, and it’s a far wiser use of their money to get fresh faces every year than the same people that they had last year. Why would I want to attend a convention that has the same celebrity appearances year after year anyway? And there are ALWAYS new Artist Alley tables and Exhibitors; there are a lot of old ones as well, but there is always fresh talent- Regardless, a Celebrity is a single person that can hop on a plane and go somewhere. Stores and artists do not have that luxury, they have to bring a certain amount of items in order to sell to make money at the convention because they are not being paid to be at the event like a Celebrity is. This means you’re limited to who’s local (which is awesome because buying local is great) and who’s nearby and able to physically bring their store wares to the event; and I guarantee you this is a lot harder than you’d imagine. 

ECCC’s Artist Alley (and I believe exhibitor tables) are set up on a first come, first serve basis. The people who want to register and attend are given the opportunity every year. Just because it’s a lot of the same people doesn’t mean that the ECCC staff are turning away new artists and vendors. I’m sure there are a lot of absolutely lovely people who would be glad to have your passes if you don’t want to go and see new Celebrity guests and local businesses and artists. Sheesh.